The Big News of 2020 was a 5 letter word: COVID

But Guess What? GREATER is the 5 LETTER WORD who continued to use WAR Members for HIS GLORY and for SERVICE to others. And that 5 Letter Word is J-E-S-U-S !!

From April through the close of 2020, Worship Arts Restoration has worked and danced and sung and sewn, cooked and fed and fundraised, painted and praised and helped in any way we could, to show that Worship and Arts and Restoration is not contingent on everything in life going well, but is contingent on using our arts for worship and restoration, despite life's difficult situations!

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A New Performance Series

Michelle Davidson has a restaurant. WAR has performers.

It's a match made in heaven! :-D .... or at least a vision inspired by Heaven that resonated in both of our hearts: A monthly performance series, featuring different WAR Artists bringing Christian entertainment to the customers at Glorious African Restaurant on Saturday nights. And what better way to launch this new venture than starting off with a fundraiser for the Korageous Heart Fund, featuring the poetry of "Korageous" herself!


Pictured below is Kormasa Amos (aka "Korageous"), the actors that became "her voice," and the many family and friends that packed out the house in support of a good cause, near and dear to our hearts!




"Givin' for the City"

For the last 6 years, Worship Arts Restoration has held Summer Vibes as a Big Backyard Bash!--- an inspiring time of good food, great entertainment and fun fellowship for WAR Members, friends and supporters, often resulting in a very successful fundraiser and membership campaign as well. But this year -- our 7th year-- we felt a strong and confirmed prompting from the Lord to bring "the back yard to the front yard".... to reach out to the City of Providence with our message of God's love, redemption and Restoration! The result?! Far beyond hitting a funding or membership goal! The fruit of this year's labor of love overflows with eternal value!

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Hip Hope Haiti Missionary plants Tree in Honor of W.A.R!!

Our faithful W.A.R. member and servant of God, Paris Fisher, has faithfully served as a missionary to Haiti, bringing love, practical assistance, construction work, music, the Word....... and on this trip, tree planting! As God has allowed W.A.R. to offer small but consistent financial support to this important outreach, Paris honored us by planting a tree on behalf of Worship Arts Restoration! How awesome is that! Our prayers for our brothers and sisters in Haiti are that THEY will be like trees planted by streams of water, that bear fruit in their season--- that [despite devastating circumstances] their leaves will not wither, and in Jesus Name-- they will as a nation succeed in God's purpose!!

Next Hope Haiti trip coming up >>>>>November 2019!!

AUTUMN VIBES: Another Vibe-rant Success!!

I'm not quite sure how a rained-out outdoor event, turned into an AMAZING, VIBRANT Indoor Success --- except that God Did It! Won't He do it? Won't He will! :-)

Autumn Vibes exceeded expectations in attendance, in entertainment, and in the vibrant atmosphere filled with the presence of the Most High!


Beginning with the Call of the Shofar by Tim Gambles, the WAR House was transformed into an electrifying and inspiring performance venue, through the talents of  Sarah Ashley (spoken word), Maureen  Bodden, Myrna Ratchford and Shemaiah Thompson ("Bible Alive" drama performance), and Harriet and Tim Gambles (dance). Harriet wrapped up that portion of the evening with a powerful and moving vocal rendition of "Still I Rise."


Other highlights of the evening included vending by "BlackGifts.com" (April Johnson) and "Lavish Layers" (Sarah Ashley). We were also proud to recognize three Service Award recipients this year. Rowland Hinds, Myrna Ratchford and Alicia Siryon-Wells  each received awards for 4 years of Service in the Arts. Finally, Paris Fisher did not recieve a tangible award, but we were tremendously blessed to send him off for his 5th Mission Trip to Haiti with a covering of PRAYER from his W.A.R. brothers and sisters!


The  food, the fellowship, the FIRE! in this special night will not be easily forgotten! We look forward with great anticipation to the next opportunity to VIBE with this CREATIVELY-MINDED COMMUNITY of BELIEVERS!

WAR Vibes- Spring into Action!

...and bring a friend to W.A.R!

Continuing our successful VIBES gatherings, we look forward to this productive time of networking with a creative community of believers! 

Bring your events and ventures to share, and learn about how WAR can support you. You can also learn what's next for WAR, while enjoying great food and entertainment. All for FREE for Members! Email worshipartsrestoration@gmail.com for more information or directions. RSVP required.

WAR Stories- Huge Success!!

February 2016

On Sunday Feb, WAR Stories was performed at Paff Auditorium before a standing-room-only crowd!Veteran celebrity actors alongside young up-and-comings told the stories that need to be told through music, drama and dance.   

Along with supporting all member artists and their artistic endeavors, WAR hopes to provide compensated opportunities for artists through periodic productions that address important issues of our day-- with the God's Truth and Hope! Our first was quite a success! Can't wait to see MORE that the Father has in STORE!


Also, KUDOS to Patois Catering which  provided a delicious Jamaican repas for our post show Cast Party! Highly recommended!!

WAR recieves RISCA Grant!!

July 2015

We are happy to announce that Worship Arts Restoration recently received an Arts Access Grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts! This will help fund in part an Artist Collaborative Project entitled,"WAR Stories: Keep on-a Walkin!" The culminating production will be presented at Paff Auditorium in Providence, RI, Feb 2016.

The concept for this play was birthed out of the racial injustices that have plagued our nation over recent years.  Using video and live performance, dancers and actors will take the audience on a journey from the past to the present, and into the Hope of a better future. "We have come this far by Faith" and it is only by that same faith that we can "keep on-a walkin"!

WAR on Bad Eats!

March 9. 2015

Anyone walking by the WAR House Headquarters during our Spring General Member Meeting would have been drawn in by the aromatic fragrances of lentils, curry, roasted veggies, smoked beans and garlic pizza. Little would they suspect that these tantalizing aromas came from foods that were not only delectable, but organic and vegetarian! On March 9th, W.A.R. declared “WAR on Bad Eats!” and introduced our members and their tastebuds to the delectable dishes prepared and presented by Mindi Schley and Alicia Milhouse—New Board Members who happen to also be very knowledgeable nutritionists and organic culinary artists!


The Word clearly states that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit (I Corinthians 6:19). In the same way we are to monitor our spiritual “food”, we are to be good stewards of our physical food as well! Mindi and Alicia not only shared their wealth of information about plant-based organic nutrition, they also proved that healthy eating is delicious! Any remaining skeptics were completely converted by the time Mindi whipped out her famous, vegan “Mending Cake!” Mmmmm….. Great health never tasted so good!


For more information about Mindi Schley or Alicia Milhouse and their calling and gifts in the healing arts, see the WAR Board Member page.


Autumn Vibes!

September 28, 2014

The 3rd "VIBES" of Worship Arts Restoration exceeded our expectations! A little background:


"Vibrant Vibes" - Winter 2013: The purpose of this gathering was to introduce Worship Arts Restoration to the Christian Arts Community and to introduce artists from different walks of life, churches and levels of accomplishment to each other. It turned out to be a packed out, exciting, successful fundraiser!


"Summer Vibes," 2013: The purpose of this gathering was outreach to the general public, and exposure of Christians and non-Christians to the power of the arts when devoted to the Master Artist! Good turn-out, great fun!


"Autumn Vibes, 2014:" This was for us!-- a celebration of 2 years of service to those who have taken advantage of the support, funds and volunteerism offered to members; and a time of thanksgiving for the acquisition of 501C3 status, making WAR the first federally recognized Christian Arts support nonprofit in Rhode Island! We wanted an invitation-only intimate, fire-lit evening of beautiful ambience and sharing of our gifts in the arts-----and a time to encourage membership. By the end of the evening we realized that the sweet spirit, the amazing ambience, the fellowship, the annointed performance pieces all exceeded our expectations. We are continually awed, humbled and inspired when God's Servants in the Arts vibe together


Stay tuned for the next VIBES 2015 . . . and come vibe with God's Servants in the Arts!

"YTF, The Movie" Comes to RI!

December 6, 2013

Worship Arts Restoration is proud to present "YTF, The Movie", an award winning film by Christian filmmaker Domingo Guyton, produced by HOPEMultimedia. This movie has already won independent and Christian film awards and recognition in Atlanta and San Francisco, and has been enjoyed by hundreds of viewing audiences in the Massachussetts area. Now, W.A.R. is honored to bring YTF to YOU!


On Friday, Dec 6th, Bread of Life International Worship Center will host a special RI Debut. Heavenly Praises Dance Company will open the show, and after the film, you will get to meet the Director and Actors in an informal Q/A session. All for only $10. Friday Night at the Movies was never better!!

So come out and support the kind of movie we want to see more of!

Help W.A.R. to help Christian Filmmakers impact the industry with the power of the Gospel!


YTF ~ "Jesus is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever . . ."


For more information, email worshipartsrestoration@gmail.com, or text 401-368-1955


Group Discounts: Groups of 4 pay $30; Groups of 10 pay $80 ( every 4th member of your group is FREE! ) Please pay in advance by clicking "Donate" below. 


August 30, 2013

"Summer Vibes," a Summer Fun-Raiser for Worship Arts Restoration, Inc., was great! A SHOUT OUT to our featured performers: Dominique Clewis, Heavenly Praises, Eric Nixon, Nutch Evora, Maureen Bodden and Rose Percy, CCOP Dancers (Sayee & Jodie), Mary Jackson, Brenda Chiavarini; and visual artists- Simone Spruce, Nixon Leger and Emmanuel Amos. A Special Thank you to our Vending Sponsors - Poeima Design Jewelry, Best Design Jewelry, DropOut Society T-Shirts, Paris Fisher Products, and Rev. Andre Harrison (author, "A Fatherless Father to His Sons")


Thanks to HighFive Photograpy (Rowland Hinds), you can check out all the pics . . . and if you missed out, you can "vibe with God's Servants in the Arts" at WINTERVIBES 2014! 

W.A.R.......What is it good for? (Absolutely SOMETHING!)

January 5, 2013

Worship Arts Restoration. It's not a new concept. It is very old, actually. In the early centuries of western civilization and in the ancient civilizations all over the world, ART WAS FOR WORSHIP. "In the beginning, God created" are the first words we read about our Soveriegn, Creative God in the book of Genesis . . . and He as been demonstrating His limitless Creativity through us ever since! At one time in history, artists were not only highly commended, but financially supported, primarily by The Church or religious institutions of that day. Then, two unfortunate things seemed to happen: The arts slid away from God and Holy purposes; and the Church slid away from supporing the Arts. 


But THANKS BE TO GOD for a season of RESTORATION! Music is one art form that has remained an integral part of Worship life, but God is now restoring and upgrading the role of dance, drama, and visual fine arts in the Body of Christ as well. One final frontier remains though (at least, in our state), and that is a centralized support network -- not another production company, or music organization, or Christian performance venue -- but rather, an organization committed to support all of the above. . . . AND to eventually act as a fiscal agent for individual Christian artists. The ultimate goal of W.A.R? -- To serve as a Christian Arts foundation in order to provide funding, similar to RISCA and other state grants organizations, however, Artists could apply without having to "leave Christ out of it." As a matter of fact -- Christ at the center, and all Glory to God, it our W.A.R. Cry!

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