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The WORD in Action...... B.A.M.!

The WORD in Action is an interesting concept for God's Servants in the Arts.

It means both transforming God's Word into action through drama techniques and performance ministry, and it also means showing love in action-- on a mission field, in a nursing home, or on the streets with the homeless and destitute. It's Matthew 25:35 - 40 in Action!

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God's Word in Song...... BAM!

The song was not initiated by Harriet Gambles, though it easily could have been, as she is an accomplished Gospel recording artist with "Voices of Grace." It was a song written and taught to us by Adella Lee, affectionately known as Mother Lee.  We were compelled to visit because she was suffering with an incurable and terminal disease; but  we were compelled to sing with her, because she was a late-blooming songwriter who still had a PRAISE for the Lord in song.

Mother Lee passed on to be with the Lord a few short weeks after this videotaped session, but her legacy lives on. She taught us that the gifts of the Lord never grow too old or too ill to be celebrated. We gave Mother Lee a couple of visits over a couple of weeks. And she gave us blessings to last a lifetime.


Bethel  AME Vacation Bible School features......


Bible Alive Ministries teamed up with the creative teachers at the VBS of one of our community churches.

Both children and adults experienced the impact of the Living Word -- brought to Life!

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