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Current WAR Membership for 2021

The following members are current with annual dues and entitled to all WAR Member benefits, including the "Paintbrush Fund" up to $200 per member.

Melodie Thompson 

Willie Thomas 

Simone Spruce 

James McBride 

Kormasa Amos 

Emmanuel Amos 

Stephanie Barboza

Karen Russell 

Maureen Bodden 

Philip Ashley 

Alicia Siryon-Wells 

Rowland Hinds 

Robbyn Hinds 

Victoria Dixon 

Beverly Mills 

Donte Mclain 

Claude Michelle Aubourg 

Domingo Guyton 

George Johnson 

Kim Trusty 

Paris Fisher 

Michelle Nuey 

Tammy Kennard 

Contessa Brown 

Taneka Parham 

Veronica Mays 

Victoria Tolbert 

Manisha Perdereaux

Robyn Rease 

Crystal Swepson 

Angela Bowman 

Mary Jackson 

JeT’aime Nissi 

Harriet Gambles 

Rhonda Wright 

Teneille Ward 

Michelle Davidson 

Kevin Kehyei 

Sean Swepson 

Rhema Thompson 

Shemaiah Thompson 

Brenda Chiavarini 

Arzell Thompson, Jr.

Sharon Ambrose 

Immaculate Jules 

Holdina Outar 

Leslie Moore 

Robin Moss

Tempestt Spivey

MaryAnn Fonseca

Syroya Eugene