THE PAINTBRUSH FUND was created out of the heart of W.A.R. Artists. It was inspired by the experiences of many of us. It was the true life story of one particular painter, however, who had no money, since she had not yet been paid for the painting she was about to create. Given the choice of using her limited funds for groceries, or for painting supplies, she chose the “food” with which the true artist is intimately and painfully familiar. This unassuming story became the heart of “The PaintBrush Fund." 

        See simple application below:

“One time I had to choose between buying groceries, and buying paintbrushes for my art. I chose the paintbrushes.”

If you are a W.A.R. member, and your annual dues are paid, you have, in fact, invested in an organization that wants to invest in you. If you run into a funding shortage, WAR may be able to help!

Here is a listing of the types of expenses that

The PaintBrush Fund and Fundraising has provided for:

Arts and Ministry Professional Development Fees

Dance Garments, Costumes and Worship Tools

Film Debut Expenses

Theater Production and Promotion

Mission Trip Expenses 

Subsidies for Dance Classes

Media Equipment 

Self-Publishing Costs

Financial Assistance for Artists and Business Partners affected by COVID

Charitable donations to ministries of multiple WAR Members

How Do You Apply?

The application process for the PAINTBRUSH FUND is pretty simple. We will make every effort to ensure accountability, but also apply practicality, by getting funds to qualified applicants as soon as possible and necessary.


Funding is for W.A.R members who are active in their arts or business, and current with membership dues. Each artist can apply one time per year for funds up to $200. 

"Letter of Need"

Obtain Letter of Support

Receive Funds!

1. Email or direct mail a Letter of Need to Worship Arts Restoration, 23 Anstis Street, Providence, RI         02905, or

The Letter of Need should include: 

  • A brief introduction to you, your art or ministry, and how you use your art and/or ministry to serve God and your community. (Include your website, or an online link to see or hear your artwork, if possible.) 

  • A brief explanation of your specific need, the amount needed and how it will be used.


2.  Please provide a letter of support from your Pastor and/or another objective party who can verify both      your financial need and your dedication to your artistry or ministry. If you are well-known by a WAR            Board Member, in some cases, they can simply vouch for you and a letter will not be necessary.


The WAR Board may ask you for additional information if some aspect of your request is unclear. Funds can be mailed, picked up or deposited through Paypal or Cash App, determined by each individual case. 


It’s that simple! We want to bless you, so that you can continue to bless others!

In return, we simply ask that you write or email a THANK YOU LETTER to the Board that includes a line that we can use in our Testimonials. In that way, you are helping us spread the word about The Paintbrush Fund!