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We have enlisted artists, technicians, clergy, entrepreneurs, patrons of the arts-- God's Servants in all walks of life, as we strive to build a firm foundation as

Rhode Island's premiere Christian Faith-Based Arts Support Organization.

Won't you join us? 

Minimum Donation for Membership is just $25!



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  • "Paint Brush Funding" of up to $200 to assist in your arts work and/or ministries, which includes Fiscal Agency if you are applying for State or Federal Grants
  • Paid Performance Opportunities at MPACT for professional level artists
  • Free Rehearsal Time at MPACT
  • Dance Studio Access at our affiliate studio
  •  Free Outdoor Usage at the WAR Headquarters for free events 
  • Discounts on WAR- Sponsored Events and Services
  • Networking, shared resources and priceless, prayerful support from your WAR Family!
All for a Minimum Donation of only $25/year!!
That means a One-Time Payment of $25 entitles you to all this and more!
Some have asked why we have not increased our dues over 10 years. The answer is simply because we want WAR membership to be accessible to EVERYONE..... however-- we have witnessed that those who CAN give MORE, do give MORE.
 We at WAR trust that our members that can give $30, $40, $50.... $100 for the year will do so....Because ultimately, your investment in WAR is an investment in YOU!
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                     Simply type MEMBERSHIP in the Notes.

You will receive an official Welcome Letter (which serves as your payment acknowledgement) at the email address recorded with you gift. 

OR... email and simply state:


The Membership Enrollment for each proceeding year begins in December. We apologize that we are not able to offer rolling enrollment. Payments made anytime after January, up until November, will be counted towards that Current Year.



Attendance for non-board members is never mandatory, but welcomed if you desire to contribute your ideas and input, as we grow and expand.

BOARD MEETINGS take place one Sunday evening a month, 5 months of the year, usually during the months of:  JANUARY, MARCH, MAY, SEPTEMBER, NOVEMBER.  Periodically, General Meetings are replaced with Event Planning Meetings.

Please check the W.A.R. Group Page for Meeting Confirmations and Changes, or email us with your questions at


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