Worship Arts Restoration, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration, advancement and     

support of visual and performing  Christian arts and artists, ultimately benefiting our RI community at-large. W.A.R. is a centralized support network -- not another production company, music organization or performance venue -- but rather an organization committed to support all of the above. Additionally, W.A.R. hopes to galvanize our resources and our pool of talented members in Artists' Collaborative Productions every 2-3 years. This will not only provide compensated performance opportunities for our members, it will also enrich the RI Arts community as we address the issues of today in Divinely inspired performance pieces. The ultimate goal of W.A.R. is to function as a spiritual, personnel, and financial support foundation for Christian Artists in RI and southeastern MA, and a positive force in the arts community-at-large. 


The IRS recognizes Worship Arts Restoration, Inc. as a public charity under section 501C3, EIN# 46-1316612

Worship Arts Restoration is an Affiliate of the National Liturgical Dance Network

Our Mission

Worship Arts Restoration is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and promotion of performing and visual arts which promote Biblical beliefs and practice. Furthermore, we are dedicated to the spiritual, strategic, and practical support of Christian artists who exemplify integrity and excellence in their art form, biblical standards in their personal lives, and a commitment to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the community at-large. 

Worship Arts Restoration was founded in 2012 and became a federally recognized 501C3 nonprofit organization in 2014.  We are a member-supported organization, both in funding and in personnel resources. Here is a sampling of what we have accomplished and how we have been "helpers one to another."

Prison Ministry-providing Worship Arts access to prison inmates


Marketing Consultation- Evora Productions


Marketing & Event Volunteers- HopeMulti Media (now headquartered in Atlanta)


Lighting, Sound Tech  and Dramaturg Services- Heavenly Praises Concerts

Artists's Collaborative Performance I: Sankofa, Set Free (2013)


Web Design- IBG Productions


Block Ticket purchases- StagePraise Productions, and Mixed Magic Theater


Ticket Sales and Concessions- Grand Royal Productions

Multiple New Business Launching Events (including "Patois Catering" and "Dressed for Tea")

Artists' Collaboration Performance II: W.A.R. Stories-Keep on-a Walkin'

Financial "Seed Money"---Cosmic Christmas StagePlay

Continued Financial Support -- Hip Hope Haiti Missions and other member Missions Work