Each year, we look for more ways to deliver God's message of love, comfort and salvation through the arts. Our ministries include:
The Women's Prison Ministry-- which has brought Worship Arts to the incarcerated at the RI ACI for over 5 years 
Mathew 25 Ministries-- housing all of our charitable services, ministries and gifts to those in need
"Bible Alive" Drama Group -- bringing  the Word of God to life onstage for those in and outside the church.  
W.A.R. Dance Corps -- helping to launch dance ministries and bring dance worship to churches and organizations that desire to "Praise Him with the timbrel and dance!"
Intercessory Prison Prayer Team - this once a month teleconference prayer team has been going strong on behalf of those behind bars, and can testify that our God  truly can "break every chain!"


Prison Ministry


Minister Alicia Siryon-Wells, W.A.R. Coordinator,

under the direction of Rev. Joy Johnson, Women's Prison Chaplain


"I was in prison and you visited me...." Mathew 25:36

Becoming a part of Prison Ministry is not time consuming, but it should be heart-consuming! 

This once-a-month ministry currently ministers in Women's Facililty at the Rhode Island ACI. Team Members can attend Chapel Service as often as once a month, or as little as 6-8 times a year.  If the worship arts being presented requires it, team members may meet for a brief rehearsal on occasion. This ministry is not demanding at all, as far as time and schedules are concerned. The only "demand" is that we sincerely care about the inmates, and 'show up' for them when scheduled to do so, even if it's only a couple of times a year. The women sincerely look forward to seeing us and having us share in their service, so therefore, it has to really matter to us! 

PRISON PRAYER TEAM!  "The effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous avails much." We are witnesses to the truth of this scripture! If you are interested in being a part of Prison Ministry, but cannot  or prefer not to physically visit the inmates, your Prayer-Presence is needed! This teleconference prayer session is held the 1st Wed of each month 8:30 -9pm. Please contact WAR Member Sandra Morris (347) 863-3046 for teleconference phone number and passcode.


Anyone can come with a regular Ministry Team Member and bless the women with their art during the Chapel Service. All that needs to be submitted is your name and DOB (as it appears on your license) at least 2 weeks before your visit. You may come to the Chapel Service only once or twice a year as a visitor.


To join this ministry team, you will need to set up a Training Day through the Volunteer Service Office. This is one 4-hour session, either during the day or in the evening, that will allow you to have prison access anytime WAR is ministering. Details regarding this process will be made available to you upon joining. 

God bless you as you consider joining this important ministry to the imprisoned!


Check out the Blog Posts for more insights and testimonies from behind the bars!









Mathew 25 Ministries

Our calling as artists in the Kingdom never supersedes our responsibility as God's Servants to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick.....

W.A.R. not only looks for ways to offer financial support and to partner with other charitable organizations --WAR members believe in becoming the hands and feet of our Loving Savior! 


It all started with a visit and a song.

The song was not initiated by Harriet Gambles, though it easily could have been, as she is an accomplished Gospel recording artist with "Voices of Grace." It was a song written and taught to us by Adella Lee, affectionately known as Mother Lee.  We were compelled to visit because she was suffering with an incurable and terminal disease; but  we were compelled to sing with her, because she was a late-blooming songwriter who still had a PRAISE for the Lord in song.

Mother Lee passed on to be with the Lord a few short weeks after this videotaped session, but her legacy lives on. She taught us that the gifts of the Lord never grow too old or too ill to be celebrated. We must recognize, encourage and restore the gifts, talents and value of our "sick and shut-in" brothers and sisters. This is the simple, yet significant mission of Mathew 25 Ministries: To visit the sick, and others in need, and to share music, stories, poetry--whatever artistic expression that speaks uniquely to them and helps to restore what may have been forgotten, lost or overlooked in their lives. We gave Mother Lee a couple of visits over a couple of weeks. And she gave us blessings to last a lifetime!


WorshipArtsRestoration is accepting donations for babies and small children serviced by the Kathleen Walker House~a safe and secure living space for homeless women and their children, provided through the ministry of Pastor Latoya Moseley. When the waiting list is long, and the needs are high, this fund can also be used to provide diapers, formula, baby food and other necessities, as these families wait for a placement.

If you would like to donate cash funds, simply click on the W.A.R. DONATE button and follow the prompts.


If you would like to purchase diapers, formula, baby or other baby/child supplies, please email Worshipartsrestoration@gmail.com  to arrange for a drop off. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

In Memory of a Little Angel we lost.

If you are interested in Mathew 25 Ministries, please contact us.