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"You Betta Tell Somebody!"

James McBride, aka, Mr Deep Positivity, DID--- at the Women's Prison Chapel Service, Cranston ACI. He rapped it, spoke it, and even sang it -- and by the time he was done, all the women had something to tell -- namely-- that Jesus loves them, heals them, saves them and can meet them right where they are!

This particular Worship Arts Chapel Service was a benchmark for W.A.R. It was the first time we were able to bring in a MALE to minister in the arts at the Women's Prison! Male preachers and teachers have come before, of course, but in the 6 years that I have been going to the prison as a Servant of God in the Arts, I have never seen a Male Minister in the Arts ---- until today. It was a special blessing to all of us. With the many missing fathers from so many of our lives, it is always a double blessing to have a Man of God step in and bow down in service to those in need.

Thank you James for bringing God's message of Salvation..... along with a lot of fun!

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