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I wish I could say I discovered this word myself---being a former English Teacher and all ;-) But I didn't. This word and its meaning was shared with me by Rev Robyn Frye, who also initially introduced me to Prison Ministry several years ago. I believe she got the term from Evangelist Bernita Wright, because that's how we do-- we pass on the blessings, revelations and good news of God!

What I DID discover, however, was a room full of SAXIFRAGES!

A saxifrage by definition refers to a diverse family of perennial flowers that grow through stone. The name is derived from the Latin "saxifraga" which literally means "stone-breaker."

If ever I saw a living metaphor, I certainly realized I was seeing that tonight. These women, many with life or long-term sentences, have come faithfully to the Women's Chapel Service for many years. Many have submitted themselves to Chaplain Joy's teaching and accountability on a regular basis. They struggle, they fall, they get up and try again---- always growing, always pressing onward towards the high calling in Christ Jesus. Always breaking through the heavy stones of Prison Life. Many are crushed by the weight of it; especially those who add weight to the stone by compounding it with blame, self-pity and bitterness. But the women I saw tonight-- and have seen through several years of prison ministry--They are the Saxifrages!

I looked up a little more about this unique horticultural creation of our God. Apparently, some varieties have medicinal properties as well. Not only do they break through stone as they grow, some also can be used medicinally. Taken internally, they have the ability to break up kidney stones as well!

Doesn't that sound just like our God? He provides the strength for us to grow through stone...... and as we grow up in Him, He breaks up the stones within our hearts and minds!

Thank you for sharing this revelation from nature, Robyn Frye! Thank you for passing on to me a roomful for flowers, pushing through stone!

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