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"He Made a Way!"

I've been doing Prison Ministry for about 7 years now, and yes-- I get tired and sometimes wonder why I am still leaving my family on a Sunday evening once a month, driving to the ACI, and hearing 4 heavy steel doors slam and lock behind me as I make my way down to Chaplain Joy's Sunday Chapel service. And then.......the service starts, and the presence of Jesus fills that little locked up Chapel Room! And once again, I know why.

This past Sunday, I was especially hesitant as I thought about ministering in dance---alone. Minister Alicia was not able to be with me this night and her faithful presence--- and leadership in this ministry-- has truly spoiled me :-) In seriousness, since injuring my knee during a dance last Fall, and ending up in a long recovery process from surgery, I have grown much less confident in dance ministry. But don't you know-- IN OUR WEAKNESS, HE IS MADE STRONG! We may think of the inmates as being in a place of weakness, in desperate need of ministry--and they are. But last night, so was I ! And wouldn't you know, the song that I chose to minister was "He Made a Way" by Travis Greene. After the dance, during the "Testimony" time for the women, I was blessed with a lot of appreciation, but one precious sister in particular thanked me and said she felt the Holy Spirit's presence as I ministered in a very special way. She had tears in her eyes, and I felt mine welling up as well. In that moment I became so keenly aware of what damaged vessels we all are. It's our surrender, despite fear, despite imperfections, that allows God to step in with His Magnificence, and Make A Way!! We're not always sure what that "way" is going to be, but I can guarantee that as the Father creates a WAY for us, OTHERS always get blessed along the path!

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